Monday, April 27, 2020

Sidbox 5 - Testing Board

It has come to our attention that the sidbox could do with a little more horse power, So what we have found was a new chip, the STM32H743


It is 400Mhz (Can be 480 it appears!) of ARM CPU power! has 1 Meg of RAM ONBOARD!! and with 144 pin outs, This should allow for this like fast framerates, more animations on screen, and the ability to use external RAM transparently.

What we thought was to have this newer model come with 4 Meg of RAM, or 8 if we can find the same chip. I am still looking into what kind of RAM we can use, PSDRAM, DRAM or just good old (but expensive) SRAM.

So the new specs will be as follows!

  • 400 Mhz CPU
  • 1 Meg Internal Ram (for video and fast cache audio) with 4Meg External Ram
  • Internal DAC
  • DMA Screen data transfer (so the cpu can continue doing work while the screen is being updated!
  • Possible USB action, easy firmware update, it seems you just plug in the sidbox and it shows up like a drive letter, plop the new firmware on it and thats it!
  • More players, XM modules, and MORE S3M channels, i REALLY want to get TFMX to work

As We find out more about this chip and what it can do, We are sure to see some amazing things happening here

** This will not change the developement time because everything else is already done, unless we have to totally redesign the PCB and CASE which took me only a few weeks anyway **

I Really hope this new board will pose some serious applications!

Who knows! maybe a Sidbox Micro? Who wants to do some good BASIC on a Sidbox Micro? HANGS UP!!