Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SoundTracker Pro II - Progress - Effects

soundtrack2.png The project is now taking on some real meat now. The sounds and effects are seemingly working without even trying now. I am suprised and thankful that most of the commands in the format seem to work very very much the same as protracker! I’ve spent HOURS on that

49xx - Protracker sampleoffset command. Start sample at offset $xx00.
4E6x - Protracker patternloop command. x=0:set loop, x=n, loop n times
4EEx - Protracker patterndelay command. Delay x notes after playing note
4Fxx - Protracker speed/tempo command. xx<$20: set speed, xx>=$20: set bpm.

with these available to me i’ve been able to implement the Sampleoffset and the speed and temp commands now!

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