Wednesday, April 29, 2020

SoundTracker Pro II - Progress #2

soundtrack2.png As I continue to program, I bumped into a problem with the soundtracker pro 2. The problem was the Portamento function, while in Protracker, you keep repeating the command on each row until the note is finished portomentoeing (however you spell this! lol) .

To tackle the way SoundTracker Pro 2 deals with this, you set the note and its command ONCE, and the player assumes the command is in effect until a new note or command is used. I had to create a translator for this, since this would be too slow to keep doing while playing on the fly. On the pattern loading it deals with the commands for us. Set the command once, and the translator will add the same commands to the sequencial rows until the same rule occured.

As a result, we got a nice portamento effect working. I’ve still yet to completely test as each pattern is loaded, there is a good chance the translation system could reset and leave a note half portamento’d… only time and testing will tell…MsMadLemon is going to have a field day listening to her tunes and pointing out the things that didn’t work or does’t sound right.

so the progress report is done here :)

Thank you for reading.