Friday, May 1, 2020

SoundTracker Pro II - Progress #3

soundtrack2.png Came a across a problem that prevented the tunes going from one pattern to the next.
Turns out that the format is capable of much more than just 64 rows in each pattern. As a result many crashes!

I figured just allowing more than 64, and made it available up to 128 rows in a pattern, some songs will have more, but if i did that more memory would be required and the system ram isn’t all that much at the moment (this will change in the new version of sidbox)

The problem with the timing came back too. I had a little trouble with the way the CIA timing was done. I did a lot of guess work because I couldn’t find the real value to start from.

With Maddi’s help I got a few songs from her and we tried all the tunes to get the right counters to work.

Thankfully there are only 15 possible positions the TEMPO can take and the fine tuning was easy to calculate after that.

Going to be fun finding out if the song can change its speed during playback.

Thank you for reading.

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