Monday, May 4, 2020

And So, It begins!

sidboxv5begin.png AND so it begins, this is the info being returned from the new processor.

Took me all night, and I finally got it to do something!

The process of learning and being eager to get started and having some problems with the new IDE and methods for getting chips to turn on legs and not as fast as possible.

My Targets here is to get the following working…

  • Working: Serial port via a interupt.
  • Working: A Flashing light.
  • Working: BASIC: DAC with a basic Sawtooth output, i want to make this a DMA so I just dump audio into the DAC buffers.
  • TO DO: Display Driver.
  • TO DO: Buttons interfacing.
  • TO DO: SDCARD interfacing (this will be its own blog I believe. alot of work will be needed here I think.


I hope to keep everyone updated here.

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