Sunday, May 10, 2020

STM32H743ZI - Nucleo

nucleo.jpg While this bit of kit is nice looking, it has caused me alot of heart ache and frustration. It is MUCH different to that of the Microchips Eco System!

So if you are planning on moving away from Microchips to ST… BE Prepared to be spending alot of time getting to learn about the IDE and the example codes.

I Find my self stripping out code and learning how the chip works via the registers.

This Eco system by ST use something called HAL and it seems very bulky… However for right now I have no choice but to use the HAL_ stuff.

After pulling my hair out for days with the us of the SDCARD, and using MX to work out how to get things configured, I gave up.
I couldn’t find the research needed to help, and the manuals would take a long time. SO I did a cheat thing and found the demonstration code.

THIS allowed me to ensure that at least my wiring was correct and that it wasn’t the card that was broken or miss configured.

SO the demo code and the SDCAARD work

cleosd1.jpg The next issue I Faced was the problem of the card not really working well beyond the 2Gig. which would be a nightmware since out project needs to support up to about 32GIG, Fat32… Sadly the exFat comes with a hefty licence and just simply too expensive for us right now.

What this program does now is creats a text file, and spits “Hello world, this is a test file” then close the file
REMEMBER to close the file after you’ve done… some how it never gets commited to the card and looks like its doing nothing!

I am still having some seriously difficult times with this board due to its HAL and their eco system. The way the IDE copes with finding files and naming files I found to be an issue also.

The NEXT part I have to control now is making the UART to work, and that was tough enough as it was too.

WISH me luck.

BUT At least we got

  • Uart working (Debug and text output and input)
  • SDCard working (but not completely stable and signed off)
  • Able to use the GP I/O’s
  • I’ve already done the screen before so these screens work
  • DAC also works direct from this processor, so no external DAC is required.
  • STILL TO DO: External PSRAM access 133Mhz
  • Make Lots of money ;)

We’ll keep you posted as and when we get more features working on the new hardware.

The BOOT loader option might be a little tricky now since ST have no seperate rom for this, or at least i cant see how to make use of it yet, i need to get a demo of this working!

BUT that might come down later in the developement stage

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