Friday, August 7, 2020

Progress on the new Hardware

So the player watchdog (I call the player sentinel) now governs the players in one function.

Its job is to ensure the audio is rendered correctly for the dma audio buffer. The cpu is fast enough so the audio can be on the dac in 10ms that helps with oscilloscopes features later. Also it helps a ton with different render lengths on sid! Since some songs alter the cia timing each frame which confused the dma and sounded choppy. The audio post processor does all the volume fading in and out and it deals with reverb stuff and mixes in playing samples too soo it’s now capable of playing music and mixing in sound effects for those games we plan to make too.
I’ll do a demonstration tomorrow.

The audio post processor also deals with loading a new tune and fades out and fades in the new track and no more audible clicks between transactions.

Don’t worry tho. There will be options to turn off reverb and fade in and out for the brutal cuts 😉
Mixing two tunes together won’t work though as the file system seems to take a huge dump while loading something and an interrupt on the dma happens. This always ends up causing a bus collision hanging the cpu.

I’ll try to do that function in the future. But for right now I’m just getting the basics working first.
Over the weekend I plan to get the equaliser to work.
Since the audio post processor is one function it should be easy enough to implement..
The external ram is being used for the buffers and seems to be very stable.
When all this is done. I’ll start work on the lcd display protocols.
When the os is written. I’m hoping to get a proper windowing system working.

Wish us luck 🙂