Monday, April 27, 2020

First channel blog post

We are still in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, yet we have the most beautiful sunny spring and what looks to be a great summer approaching! I do hope everyone’s safe though. While that’s happening, i’ve been busy working on my channel, gathering parts and ideas for a new future project, new videos are being filmed and edited. A website for the channel is also being created, which will tie all things related, together in one place. My videos, my music, my photography, and now finally a blog. If you’re here, most likely you’ve stumbled across my website and it’s built already. And if you’ve stumbled across my website, then high chance you know my youtube channel as i’ve been making videos now for five years…


Five years?!…Has it really been that long?? I remember the first thing I ever did on my channel, well, the first thing I ever did was Minecraft videos, which I still love now and still on the same world. But..I meant the first project I did on my channel was to build a hackintosh computer, intended to be used to aid in creating videos on my channel. It doesn’t feel too long ago, but at the same time a lot has happened since then.

And something has just happened now *rolls eyes*…

My retro backpack has just now been claimed by the fuzz man.


I haven’t had a blog all to myself since the early 2000s, not to mention a website, though the website I had back then was scruffy an amateurish geocities job with a MIDI file playing to its hearts content in the background ;o)) Still, working on Dreamweaver brought back some interesting memories.
Freakin Groceries, remember that?!? lol
Anyway. I do plan to update and write blog entries, my primary place will be my youtube channel, I will put as much about my projects in videos as I can however the blog will be supplementary to my videos, so do subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already as it’s always being updated. See ya around :o)