Wednesday, August 19, 2020

What’s My Channel About??

You’ve probably noticed that my channel has taken a swish into film photography and film developing. As I’ve always said my interests are always random and impulsive, therefore my channel naturally ends up going the same way.
Though I can tell whenever I switch subjects/topics/interests on my channel that some get fearful that i’m going to ditch a certain topic for good, which of course is not the case :o) I can understand why some people want my channel to be only about a certain thing and for it to stay that way.
However, there are two major issues with that, firstly,
Person A wants my channel to be Only about Amiga. Person B wants my channel Only to be about vintage audio.
Person C wants my wants my channel to Only be about electronics.
Person D wants me to feck off from the internet altogether, forever, which makes me listen more to person E who loves the randomness, sometimes impulsiveness of my content and appreciates me being there…Thank you :o)
( Just to be clear, nobody has complained to me or sent me nasty comments or anything, but I can sense a bit of discomfort in certain people when I change topics. I’m writing this just to remind that I tend to go back to all topics )
With regards to person A, B and C. Well all three prove that you cannot please everyone. Different people have different interests. There will always be someone who is unhappy with your content, or wish it was leaning towards their personal interests, whatever you choose to do. At the end of the day, it’s me who is putting all the effort into the content creation. And quite an effort it is when you don’t have a team and are doing everything by yourself.
I’m very thankful that I have a variety of interests so I can create videos and content about multiple interests :o)

I’m into many things being the curious soul that I am and if I don’t let my heart flow into my videos, if I have to limit it, well that’s like asking a painter to stop painting, or a musician to stop playing music.

Around four years back I did a talk about this as I got different people trying to pull my interests and content into different directions. Despite the video being four years old from a naive Maddi from the past, the message is still relevant. Enjoy :o)

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What’s in my tea?! And what’s in my comments?!

This post is inspired by a kind and encouraging comment, on my last blog entry on the SIDBox Situation, asking about my tea.Thanks Lauren :o)
Yes I do indeed read and acknowledge comments, whether they’re here on my blog, on my youtube channel or twitter or facebook. But sometimes it’s not humanly possible to reply to all of them as I’d want to, as much as I try :o)
Anyway I do get many comments asking about my tea, some think it’s wine or whiskey, others think its drugs..Knowing some crazy commenters I’ve read, they probably think it’s absinthe.. Hey the only sinthes I dabble with are SID, FM or Yamaha synths or…….*hides her own face in shame and cringe of the bad “dad” joke developing as she types*
By the way, weren’t these called “Christmas cracker jokes” not too long ago? Lol
Anyway….It’s tea… the nuttiness is just pure Maddi ;o)
Hey why have external intoxicants, when you’re born loopy like me!
My tea is Arabic style mint tea
Basically add some loose tea, mostly green, but sometimes I use Turkish black ‘Mevlana’ branded tea as it’s my all time favourite..
Add a spoon of honey…(Manuka honey is delicious but freakin expensive, so it’s a rare treat)
Then add some fresh spearmint leaves. (Or peppermint if you prefer)
I love the sweetness of spearmint in my tea, it makes it so refreshing! And I’m most probably addicted to this concoction of tea, way more than some of you love alcohol or whatever else.
I’ve also been known to add a little extra into my tea, sometimes Jasmine flowers (specifically from the Arabian Jasmine plant) and even Iranian Saffron, oh what beautiful aroma <3
Being a tea freak, i’ve tried so many different types of tea, Japanese, Chinese, British, south Asian/Indian chai, both milk and water variants, thanks to my south Asian friends back at college/uni :o) All absolutely delicious I must say!
But my personal favourite is my Arabic shay with mint and honey <3
Yes indeed we also say ‘Shay’ for tea, just like the south Asians say ’chai’. Its also ‘chay’ for the Persians as well as ‘Çay’ for the Turkish..Even Chai in Greek I believe, I’m so glad that tea lovers all around share a profound understanding ;o)
Anyway I have already done a chill out video on tea a couple of years ago so feel free to make one up for yourself and relax with it :o)
Speaking of beverages, In some of my videos you will see me having something called ‘Mate’…No it’s not Australian :op’s pronounced “Matey”…oh wait… that doesn’t help either.. hmmmm. Okay repeat after me…”Ma…Tay”.. Anyway, you’ll hear me say it in the video!
It’s not a type of tea, nor a type of coffee, it’s its own beverage of the same category. Originally from South America but also common in parts of the Middle East such as Syria. Actually that’s where I first heard about it.
And part 2

Friday, May 1, 2020

Education and society

Some ramblings of mine here about education and my experience of it.

Firstly, a bit about my background, I went to college, studied electronics firstly. Then at university, I studied computing, getting the best grades in the group for computer hardware, I got the worst grades in the group for computer programming and systems analysis, (thank you dear brain!)…It was just the matter of my brain being wired differently, Each one of us has a specialty, the way our brain is wired, and no two brains are wired the same, its what makes us unique despite the idiotic nature of people competing to try and be the same. kinda reminds me of this:


Human existence seems to be a bit of a paradox.
After computing I was about to change my major to psychology, even studying things like cognition and other topics to prepare. But I ended up going into photography, Hey, sometimes it takes time to find yourself in life, some people don’t even when they’re 80, the oldest student at our university was 92 years old. I find that quite fascinating, I wish I could have met him actually.

The competition in knowledge, the “I know more than her” or “I know more than him” or “they know nothing compared to me, see I’ll prove it” mentality is when one’s ego gets hold of it, it becomes less about the knowledge or the topic and more about being an authority in knowledge. I find it ridiculous personally.
I’m not trying to put people off going to university, it has its benefits for sure, I’m just trying to make a point, it is my opinion based on my experiences…Even after completing education to university level myself, I learned that it’s possible for someone who doesn’t have a degree nor a phd, who hasn’t even attended university, for whatever reason, to be intelligent and intellectual, actually I know some very intelligent people who’ve not been to uni. Also not everyone can attend, hey it’s not cheap and the shackles of the student loan isn’t fun fairground ride either…
I’ve also learned that someone who has a degree or phd, can be surprisingly narrow minded or black & white thinkers, self righteous, judgemental and arrogant, possibly the unconditional praise and admiration of family, friends, community and society contributing to these traits. These negative traits often get in the way of true learning beyond text book knowledge, they get in the way of growth of character and blossoming of a person.
It does depend on the nature of a person, i’ve met someone working towards a phd who is gentle and kind, open to knowledge. I think humility and the ability to truly listen leads to an open mind and a blossoming soul.
Arrogance feeds the ego, but suffocates the soul.


One thing which many fail to understand and become aware of, is that knowledge isn’t one dimensional, it’s multi dimensional.
Not all who have intelligence are wise.

University can help you learn a heck of a lot and you can benefit so much, not to mention that piece of paper at the end. However it can be very one dimensional, it can make you book smart, even end up as an outright nerd having immense knowledge, which is very useful when applied, sure, but that doesn’t mean every dimension of knowledge is gained, I did learn a lot in my life which I didn’t learn at School, college nor university.. All the things that I know in life, education taught me some of it, but experience taught me the brunt of it, I still feel like i’m self taught.


I have been thinking about this for a while, I’ve met many different types of people, formally educated and self educated of different backgrounds, ethnicities, mentalities. I’m fascinated by people. I know I would have enjoyed psychology because of this, however, there’s one vital thing that made me wonder if it’s a good idea or not. My ability to relate and put myself in the shoes of genuine people who are genuinely suffering (yes I can tell the difference), I know I would have to get into that sort of work and it would affect me a bit too much in life I think. I cannot just switch off from such things at the end of the day. This empathetic and compassionate trait of mine is a double edge sword, both a good and bad thing, overall, i’m grateful that I have it.


After all, lets face it, we’re on earth only for a limited amount of time, spending it competing, fighting, backstabbing and manipulating, or combatting others to establish ones superiority is futile and quite a huge shameful waste of existence.
Anyway, I’ve rambled on quite a bit, I had better leave it here.

Stay safe dear reader if you have reached this far :o)


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Me and VU Meters

I’ve been obsessed with VU meters since childhood since we had a portable cassette recorder with LED VUs..It was the bush 7070, this ghettoblaster/boombox is so freakin rare that google images only comes up with a single image of it, and here it is:
Just to slightly “zoom in” on the quirky V shaped VU Meters
Anyway, somewhere along the line, my father sold it and I have to say that I really missed it once it was gone, by the way, it’s the reason why I bought señor smiley (My Marantz PM350 amplifier) For some reason it has the same V shaped LEDs which I just find unique and quirky.

One of the things I was lacking throughout certain years of my childhood were VU meters, the other cassette recorders we got later, just simply didn’t have any at all. One of them was this Fergusson 3T32 dual cassette:

This was our first ever dual cassette, my brother wanted that for, you know, borrowing spectrum games permanently onto cassettes from, other cassettes, Oh yes yes, backups, thats a better word.. Anyway, a little later another was a JVC DR-E51lbk Hi-fi system which my brother bought. Do excuse the images, I could only find these piddly ones when searching.


It was a great hi-fi and I recorded my first Amiga tapes with it, but it had no VU. I think VU meters were fading in the 90s as the silvery hardy systems of the 80s were going out and the more “modern” plasticy stereos and boomboxes were coming in (Though this JVC of the early 90s was far form plastic, it was pretty hardy actually!)

Anyway, any excuse to show you hi-fi systems and boomboxes :o)
The point is, it all left me with a want, borderline Need for VU Meters. When tinkering with my electronics, I just had an idea to stick a 3v bulb onto the headphone output, on my personal stereo it didn’t do much at all. So I went for the most powerful system on the house and that was my brother’s JVC Hi-fi system. I put it onto max thinking, it’s not going to do much… Freakin bright flashing light to my surprise, sort of startled and excited me at the same time!

Next thing I do, freakin build a little device, all it is, a light bulb paralleled with a loudspeaker, the JVC on full blast, the crappy speaker just throwing out music into the air along with a light going dim and bright to the music. On retrospect it was ridiculous! But the excitement of seeing a light “dance to music” you won’t believe how many cassettes I listened to in one go while gazing at that freakin bulb, and completely in the dark too.

I look back almost in awe of the things I did with my electronics parts to try and get an LED vu meter working after that. My thinking was, the LEDs relate to one another, One goes on after the other, after the other etc.. So brainiac here decides to create an array of LEDs in parallel to the audio source, each with a resistor value higher than the one previous to it.

The result was…interesting nonetheless, but it was no VU meter. It was just a cascade of freakin LEDs pulsating, each dimmer than the one before it.


But I have to admit, I look back and it was kinda cute. A learning process which I can look back and chuckle at.
I asked my brother and his friend, how an LED VU is done, the answer I got was that there’s a capacitor in between the LEDs (“they think” ). So out came my bucket of components once again, I hated cleaning up after that, It was like a lego set or something (I loved playing with Legos btw, probably explains why I’m so much into Minecraft). Anyway let me just tell you that an array of LEDs with capacitors in between them, is very underwhelming.

I left the idea for a while and continued trying to get the LEDs/lights to be brighter so that I didn’t need to put the volume stupidly high. Bearing in mind I was in my final year at primary school and the only knowledge of electronics I had was tinkering around with components from that bucket of mine.
So I decided to put a 1.5v AA battery in series with an LED and the headphone output of a standard boombox (Yeah I know, I cringed too remembering it) But the funny thing is, the LED was pulsing brighter to the music with the battery in series. I’m glad I didn’t go any further with this, it must have been some miraculous inner knowledge that said to me if I stick 12v in series with a boombox, it really would freakin boom.

One problem I had was the sound, sure I made lights pulsate but I couldn’t hear anything, and with an LED in series with a speaker, yeah you can imagine what that sounds like, a semi rectified audio signal.

I asked my brother what I need and he said an amplifier. Thats when audio amplifiers became something I desperately wanted to build in my childhood but had no freakin idea how! They used those 3 legged spiders which I had no clue how to connect at the time. You’d know what I thought of them if you’ve read the ‘About Ms Mad Lemon’ section of my website already.

The thing is though, even though I wasn’t immediately successful in getting anything working how I wanted it, bear in mind I had never read any electronics book nor been taught at all. I still tried, I made mistakes and did things wrong but I believe that is one of the reasons why kids learn things faster, they’re not afraid of making mistakes, whether its electronics or language learning, or learning a musical instrument, it can apply to anything at all. Think we as adults need to drop the fear and pride as it does hinder learning.
Anyway enough pondering. Next I will write about my efforts with trying to build audio amplifiers, albeit much later in my life, but I did it eventually. And in quite a big way. I got some VU meters working very well also ;o)


Monday, April 27, 2020

First channel blog post

We are still in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, yet we have the most beautiful sunny spring and what looks to be a great summer approaching! I do hope everyone’s safe though. While that’s happening, i’ve been busy working on my channel, gathering parts and ideas for a new future project, new videos are being filmed and edited. A website for the channel is also being created, which will tie all things related, together in one place. My videos, my music, my photography, and now finally a blog. If you’re here, most likely you’ve stumbled across my website and it’s built already. And if you’ve stumbled across my website, then high chance you know my youtube channel as i’ve been making videos now for five years…


Five years?!…Has it really been that long?? I remember the first thing I ever did on my channel, well, the first thing I ever did was Minecraft videos, which I still love now and still on the same world. But..I meant the first project I did on my channel was to build a hackintosh computer, intended to be used to aid in creating videos on my channel. It doesn’t feel too long ago, but at the same time a lot has happened since then.

And something has just happened now *rolls eyes*…

My retro backpack has just now been claimed by the fuzz man.


I haven’t had a blog all to myself since the early 2000s, not to mention a website, though the website I had back then was scruffy an amateurish geocities job with a MIDI file playing to its hearts content in the background ;o)) Still, working on Dreamweaver brought back some interesting memories.
Freakin Groceries, remember that?!? lol
Anyway. I do plan to update and write blog entries, my primary place will be my youtube channel, I will put as much about my projects in videos as I can however the blog will be supplementary to my videos, so do subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already as it’s always being updated. See ya around :o)