Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What’s in my tea?! And what’s in my comments?!

This post is inspired by a kind and encouraging comment, on my last blog entry on the SIDBox Situation, asking about my tea.Thanks Lauren :o)
Yes I do indeed read and acknowledge comments, whether they’re here on my blog, on my youtube channel or twitter or facebook. But sometimes it’s not humanly possible to reply to all of them as I’d want to, as much as I try :o)
Anyway I do get many comments asking about my tea, some think it’s wine or whiskey, others think its drugs..Knowing some crazy commenters I’ve read, they probably think it’s absinthe.. Hey the only sinthes I dabble with are SID, FM or Yamaha synths or…….*hides her own face in shame and cringe of the bad “dad” joke developing as she types*
By the way, weren’t these called “Christmas cracker jokes” not too long ago? Lol
Anyway….It’s tea… the nuttiness is just pure Maddi ;o)
Hey why have external intoxicants, when you’re born loopy like me!
My tea is Arabic style mint tea
Basically add some loose tea, mostly green, but sometimes I use Turkish black ‘Mevlana’ branded tea as it’s my all time favourite..
Add a spoon of honey…(Manuka honey is delicious but freakin expensive, so it’s a rare treat)
Then add some fresh spearmint leaves. (Or peppermint if you prefer)
I love the sweetness of spearmint in my tea, it makes it so refreshing! And I’m most probably addicted to this concoction of tea, way more than some of you love alcohol or whatever else.
I’ve also been known to add a little extra into my tea, sometimes Jasmine flowers (specifically from the Arabian Jasmine plant) and even Iranian Saffron, oh what beautiful aroma <3
Being a tea freak, i’ve tried so many different types of tea, Japanese, Chinese, British, south Asian/Indian chai, both milk and water variants, thanks to my south Asian friends back at college/uni :o) All absolutely delicious I must say!
But my personal favourite is my Arabic shay with mint and honey <3
Yes indeed we also say ‘Shay’ for tea, just like the south Asians say ’chai’. Its also ‘chay’ for the Persians as well as ‘Çay’ for the Turkish..Even Chai in Greek I believe, I’m so glad that tea lovers all around share a profound understanding ;o)
Anyway I have already done a chill out video on tea a couple of years ago so feel free to make one up for yourself and relax with it :o)
Speaking of beverages, In some of my videos you will see me having something called ‘Mate’…No it’s not Australian :op’s pronounced “Matey”…oh wait… that doesn’t help either.. hmmmm. Okay repeat after me…”Ma…Tay”.. Anyway, you’ll hear me say it in the video!
It’s not a type of tea, nor a type of coffee, it’s its own beverage of the same category. Originally from South America but also common in parts of the Middle East such as Syria. Actually that’s where I first heard about it.
And part 2

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