Thursday, August 20, 2020

Channel Update

I’ve decided to do channel update blog posts whenever required, to give some insight on whatever’s going on.
This time it’s about the current topic, film photography. Those of you who have been watching the photography videos will know that I’ve been going through cameras, taking photos and developing colour C41 film.

Link to my photogtaphy playlist here if you haven’t seen them yet.

I have much more films to process and a couple of things to show and review.
I had ordered an Epson V600 negative scanner from FirstCall and the order was delayed unfortunately due to covid, and delayed by over a month, I’ve only just received it and still yet to unbox it. However this means a delay in photography videos as I need to put together footage, edit and so fourth.
So I will be switching to another topic (I’ll leave you to guess he he) and then will switch back to photography again. Good thing I’m interested in more than one thing right? :o))

But I’ve also got something very exciting to show/review in the second topic which I’m so happy about!! Anyway, you’ll get to see it soon :oD
Also do excuse the quiet week last week where I couldn’t post anything, not even the chill out time magazine flip through. As well as enjoying the beautiful sunshine, the heat and this wonderful summer (Hey gotta enjoy something about this horrible year we’ve had) I was rearranging a part of my room, which took a few days to do, thankfully I didn’t have to rewire the retro computing setup nor the hi-fi setup, those have been done already, but i’ve changed a few things around which give me a massive amount of space now, yay! I feel so much more relaxed in a more open space.
Right after that, there was a rush of relatives (to fill the space again lol). Amongst others, my niece and cousin are visiting and of course they love hanging out in my room 90% of the time. It’s a lot of fun, which means movie nights, popcorn and laughter, but it also means I barely have any time to get anything done. I suppose we all need a break and do something different every now and then.
Anyway, that’s the update for now, so do stick around as there’s plenty upcoming :o)

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

What’s My Channel About??

You’ve probably noticed that my channel has taken a swish into film photography and film developing. As I’ve always said my interests are always random and impulsive, therefore my channel naturally ends up going the same way.
Though I can tell whenever I switch subjects/topics/interests on my channel that some get fearful that i’m going to ditch a certain topic for good, which of course is not the case :o) I can understand why some people want my channel to be only about a certain thing and for it to stay that way.
However, there are two major issues with that, firstly,
Person A wants my channel to be Only about Amiga. Person B wants my channel Only to be about vintage audio.
Person C wants my wants my channel to Only be about electronics.
Person D wants me to feck off from the internet altogether, forever, which makes me listen more to person E who loves the randomness, sometimes impulsiveness of my content and appreciates me being there…Thank you :o)
( Just to be clear, nobody has complained to me or sent me nasty comments or anything, but I can sense a bit of discomfort in certain people when I change topics. I’m writing this just to remind that I tend to go back to all topics )
With regards to person A, B and C. Well all three prove that you cannot please everyone. Different people have different interests. There will always be someone who is unhappy with your content, or wish it was leaning towards their personal interests, whatever you choose to do. At the end of the day, it’s me who is putting all the effort into the content creation. And quite an effort it is when you don’t have a team and are doing everything by yourself.
I’m very thankful that I have a variety of interests so I can create videos and content about multiple interests :o)

I’m into many things being the curious soul that I am and if I don’t let my heart flow into my videos, if I have to limit it, well that’s like asking a painter to stop painting, or a musician to stop playing music.

Around four years back I did a talk about this as I got different people trying to pull my interests and content into different directions. Despite the video being four years old from a naive Maddi from the past, the message is still relevant. Enjoy :o)